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Tagged again... Here we go!
I was tagged by KazerZed 
So here are the rules:
  * Write the rules or copy and paste them ( I did the last thing lol ) ;
  * Write 13 things about yourself ;
  * Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions ;
  * Tag 13 deviants ( If you don't have 13 friends, it doesn't really matter. You just have to tag the friends you already have  );
  * Make sure they know that they are tagged ;
  * Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" ;
  * It's forbidden to not tag anyone ;
  * Tag backs are allowed.
Here are the people I'm tagging:
:iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 2 7
Omega Flowey by TheStrangestofAll Omega Flowey :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 26 18 In Response to Kazerzed's amazing drawing by TheStrangestofAll In Response to Kazerzed's amazing drawing :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 9 10 When in Doubt by TheStrangestofAll When in Doubt :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 7 26 Mushroom Drawing Comparison by TheStrangestofAll Mushroom Drawing Comparison :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 15 46 Mushroom Sketch by TheStrangestofAll Mushroom Sketch :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 8 11 Fashion Practice (Tutorials = Improvement) by TheStrangestofAll Fashion Practice (Tutorials = Improvement) :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 8 5 My Attempt at Persona Designing in a Nutshell by TheStrangestofAll My Attempt at Persona Designing in a Nutshell :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 5 17 Her Determination by TheStrangestofAll Her Determination :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 25 12 Papyrus (WIP) by TheStrangestofAll Papyrus (WIP) :iconthestrangestofall:TheStrangestofAll 5 8
Just so you know, my medium and the nature of what I draw changes every so often, so if you don't initially like what you see, you might wanna dig a little deeper.

You may find yourself happily surprised.



Journal History


Well, I know I haven't been submitting much of anything lately.

The thing about this school, I have midterms so frequently that suddenly months can pass in the blink of an eye. So, while I can do doodles in my notes, I can't seem to bring myself to draw a full figure, clothed and all. 

Later I want to try redrawing all these doodle poses I've made. You think I should dedicate one big folder to that?

If I did, would it be something you guys are interested in viewing?
So I doodled this without any references but I cannot for the life of me pinpoint what makes it look "off". Can someone help me out here?

embedded_item1494098272702 by TheStrangestofAll
Study squad: "You've been studying all day, why not take a drawing break?"

Me: "Okay sure, I'll draw my current feelings."

15 minutes later:

embedded_item1493992672240 by TheStrangestofAll
What's the worst degree of regression you've experienced after not drawing for a long time?
Has anyone ever alternated between a reading a Terry Pratchett book and Nicomachean Ethics?

It's quite an experience.
I toiled, I cried, and I survived those dang exams.

Surprisingly, I think I'll get a good grade :3
Hey everyone,

I know I've been completely gone for a couple days.

Exams have piled themselves up all onto into the space of a few days so I've been hectic and busy as a result.

So how is everyone?
Famous American bakeries: 
Baking world famous buns since 1987!

Famous Chinese bakeries: 
Recipes and employment passed down from generation to generation for over 700 years. 
Does anyone have advice on how to improve on drawing hands?

Like an exercise you did often?

So far I've been trying to do 2-3 blind contours of hands every other day.
I feel like my watchers number has yo-yoed from 68 to 67 for an entire 2 months. Not complaining, if you're not into my art or what I say then I won't judge you for removing me. I just find it funny how the moment someone decides they like my conversations or my art, another person is like "nah I think I'm all stranged out", and how the conversion always happen within a week of each other.
I can't figure out which is a worse trigger for my social anxiety: being alone at a table for a group lab class or being ignored by my lab group.
What a lovely day to throw my printer out the window because NOTHING WORKS WHEN YOU NEED IT TO!
Well, finally got Omega flowey out of the way.

Next request:
Hint: something cool and frosty
How would you best describe the feeling of sudden inspiration?

To me, inspiration feels as if there's the sudden uniting of every idea in my head.

I've described ADD to my friends as this constant static in the back of my head, that I can't drown out unless I hyperfocus, which I've only ever really done playing videogames or making art. It makes the flow of creativity become this chaotic, uncontrollable white water river.

Inspiration is the sudden current, and the static goes away, if only for a moment. Or maybe it just stops.... Mattering.

How would you describe the feeling of inspiration?
Does anyone else have one of those crappy "how to draw manga" books?

So I've met people of very different ages here.
Some of you are in college, some in high school, some have already finished both long ago, some only recently. 

So I'm curious:

What are your dreams for your future?

Mine are to never stop learning how to draw, and one day sell fanart at conventions, all while maintaining my scientific career. 
So earlier I decided that I was always going to draw my responses to any questions I received from a tagged journal. Yea, that was a very unrealistic ambition. 

So soon enough, I'll respond to all y'all stuff.

Except for Lexidus's, I have something special planned for hers.
Was doodling some figures and a homeless woman came up to me asking for spare change. As I gave her a dollar, she looked at my sketchbook and said "that's illegal" and walked away.

I hadn't even added anatomy to any of the figures. Apparently cylinder arms and a very rough torso absent of boobs and all other aspects of anatomy are capable of destroying the minds of the innocent.

Now I can't stop imagining a short nerdy college art student doodling in their sketchbook and a cop just tackles them to the ground and cuffs them for it XD
Angles of hips

Recent problem: 
When I try to draw someone with their torso bent towards the left of the right, it looks "off" 

Way I found out:
Trying to lean to the right and left in a mirror.

So the reason that I've had such a problem is that naturally (at least for women, not sure about men), when moving the hips to the left or the right, normally the chest is actually arched. The torso pivots around a central point to arch and then angle the hips and shoulders. This is most likely because it helps keep more of the weight of the body balanced.

Though the different heights of the legs also contributes to this, I realized that I still arch my back a little when one of my legs has a pointed arch and the other is flat. So it seems to apply to this idea in multiple cases.

That's why this pose below looks fine, since the pose implies some arching of the back. 
DA Self Help 1A by TheStrangestofAll As does the one to the right (Kind of) DA Self Help 1B by TheStrangestofAll

But this one to the right ->DA Self Help 1C by TheStrangestofAll Will only look right if I emphasize the curvature of the torso. If I keep the torso straight instead of arched, it will end up looking off. 

17 May 17 Correction: As it turns out, there's another important component to this I overlooked. The pivot's center is still central to the torso, and actually, that still applies to side-side movement. But it varies by certain pose.


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TheStrangestofAll Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
Haha this is cute, but I don't really like to do spam comments, but it's sweet and I appreciate it.
KazerZed Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ha neither but it was from a close friend and I thought what the hell... now who wouldn't hate me for sending this...?
TheStrangestofAll Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Of course not, I don't hate you at all, I find it sweet :)

I just don't feel like sending it to others, because I don't know how they feel about chain comments. Some like it and some dislike it. 
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ScienceWithSteve Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist
Can you please critique some pose sketches for me? Tips for legs/feet would be great, because that's a struggle >_> Plus all the other things that don't sit naturally...
Pose sketches by ScienceWithSteve
TheStrangestofAll Featured By Owner May 9, 2017
Hey Steve!

The poses look like a wonderful start to practicing figures :) (Smile) 

I'll write you up a critique and advice after you answer me these questions:

Did you draw each of these figures with or without references?

Did you have multiple attempts at drawing these figures before posting the right one, or is this the first and only take on each pose?

Would you rather me critique on my page or on the page for your artwork?
ScienceWithSteve Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist
It's probably more convenient if you could do it in the comments for the sketch, that way if I want to look it up 3 months down the track I won't have to trawl through the comments on your profile.

Gillicious Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave!
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