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Just so you know, my medium and the nature of what I draw changes every so often, so if you don't initially like what you see, you might wanna dig a little deeper.

You may find yourself happily surprised.


Creativity vs Technicality
This is going to be my first proper journal entry, so get ready for some non-sensical rambling (the best kind of rambling in my opinion). I don't really get a lot of traffic on my account so I feel it's safe to say that this is just going to be a sort of food for thought type entry. Just to give this some background context, I think a lot and often have full scale conversations and debates in my head (this might not be entirely healthy). I think this may be why I am so resistant to headaches because I've just gotten use to my brain constantly being active. Regardless, this is one of the thoughts I was having last night at 3AM (Insomnia is great).
Looking at my DeviantArt gallery I feel there is a definite absence of 'me' in it, and don't worry I'm not now planning to remedy this problem by converting my gallery to a selfie-only gallery. By 'me' I more meant my personality, my life experiences etc. 
I feel for the most part that this is because as an artist I have c
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The quick, parallel strokes of a palette knife emphasize the viewer's perception of space without distorting the wet, vibrant streaks o...

by Rexlare

This drawing really captures a good understanding of shading, of texture, and of personality in the eyes. As I've continued to view and...

by Rexlare

You definitely show a lot of promise. This piece is able to present a lot of activity, a lot of texture, a good eye for drawing cloth, ...



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So, anyone doing anything neat for Christmas?
Anyone have a good dish to eat on a sore throat?
If you could eliminate the need for one human necessity (socializing, eating, sleeping etc.) What necessity would you choose?

I'd probably choose sleep.
Can sleep just not be a thing I require to function?



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

So I decided to make up this tag game for the heck of it after I heard a remix of two favorite songs: Undertale/Toby Fox and daft punk in a harder faster better stronger + megalovania remix

Name me some of your favorite things that you dream of combining into one magnificent hybrid or fusion. 

If you wanted to make this an extra cool challenge, you could even draw one of your hybrids/fusions. Also it's okay if some of your fusions end up being real things, it just means someone else shared your same dream, which is pretty awesome :3

Tag at least 3 people to keep the tag game going. Add one more category when you're finished with your answers, and you have to tag someone besides whoever tagged you!

I'll start!

1. Favorite foods: 
My favorite fruit is watermelon and I adore a lot of mild sweets like cake. 

Watermelon cake, which I'm nearly certain exists, so yippee! :D 

2. Favorite music bands:
Gorillaz and Toby Fox/Undertale. If someone could mashup feel good inc (gorillaz) with the tem shop song (toby fox) I might die from laughter.

3. Favorite music genres: 
I really like electroswing and chillstep, which would be quite a strange rollercoaster of volume and tones. 

4. Favorite animes/mangas:
The only manga I've ever completely finished was uzumaki, and my favorite  anime is tokyo ghoul. So this would basically combine into a universe where ghouls roam the earth eating people, all while the towns are cursed by the spiral. That's far too many problems for a ghoul-human hybrid teenage boy to handle.

5. Favorite western cartoons:
Teen titans (the original one, not teen titans go) and avatar the last airbender. 
Just try to imagine beast boy meeting appa and momo

6. Favorite anime characters: 
Zoro (one piece) and Spike (Cowboy bebop). 
I don't know if the world would be ready for that.

7. Favorite Disney heroes (naturally, that can include princesses):
Mulan is my hands down favorite, but Enda mode is a close confident second. That would make one confident and fearless warrior costume designer.

8. Favorite Disney villains: 
Yzma from the emperor's new groove and Randall from Monsters Inc. 
That could actually become a pretty remarkable design. 

9. Favorite video game characters: 
Professor Layton and Frisk from Undertale. That hybrid could definitely save the world. 

10. Favorite Steven universe characters (Or not, since such a request is already canon in the show, or skip this one if you don't watch Steven universe) 
Hehe well I've already drawn lapis and peridot as a fusion  Peridot and Lapis Fusion by TheStrangestofAll
However, my absolute favorite fusion in the show is either smoky quartz or stevonnie.
Smoky quartz is an adorable energetic yoyo-wielding bouncy ball of awesome, and her little asymmetries reflect the fact that amethyst and steven bonded over their mutual feelings of being unlike anyone else. 
Stevonnie is really cool because her character has often been used by the writers to discuss a lot of really serious concepts of a relationship, in ways more relevant to humans. Her character has had to deal with social anxiety and guilt a handful of times, and it's always done in a way that's both digestible to kids but also hits right in the heart for anyone who has ever been in a relationship with someone who has confidence issues. 

Let's see...

I'd love to see the ideas of:
Tamarandom (you could make it personal or have savos answer, either one would be fun)
MelianMarionette (Or you could have mistgod try it out, I know both of you would have very creative, very different answers :))


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Thank you so much for choosing to watch my work on dA Emily :icontftdwplz:

Totally appreciated my new friend       :tighthug: is the lightning fave    Lightning Bolt Emoji 
cricketumpire Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm hoping ""Going to the beach..." might happily remind me of sunny days as 
forthcoming storms and winter chills sweep over us in the northern hemisphere  Sans icon - Cool              I hope it does the same for you Emily    parasol and towel opn beach  TTOCI GIF 1   

Thanks for that fave and the sunflower as well  -  Please do keep watching???    :)
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Happy Birthdayyy!! let me show you the dance of my peopleDancing Pumkin head 2Party Hard and Spazzing Joon Hope you had a fantastic day thats as awesome as you XD 
TheStrangestofAll Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017
Awww thank you :)

I got to get good Chinese food with my fiance and his coworker, so I'm very happy :P
Lexidus Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! :D
Ooo nice, sounds great! Glad you had a good one (' v ')b
SamDaly Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Hobbyist
Of course I just realise it's your birthday at midnight sigh...

After an hour of trying to draw you something meaningful this was the best I could come up with. (I apologise in advance, It's super sketchy and messy. I vow to make you a redraw when it isn't 1 o'clock in the morning).

sooo...Happy Birthday!!! cries furiously

Happy birthday Em by SamDaly  

Not gonna lie to you Emily. I'm so tired I posted this on my own profile. Had to hide it because I don't know how to delete it XD

TheStrangestofAll Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017
Sam! This makes me so happy that you tried to draw papyrus for me I could cry :'3

*Cries furiously happy*

Also that might've been my fault. I literally realized I never put my birthday into my profile until the day OF my birthday, since I forgot earlier, soooo yea it might have suddenly popped up in your notifications, whoops.

On the other hand, you can use this as an opportunity to track your improvement later on :)
SamDaly Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017  Hobbyist
Emphasis on 'tried' XD

I'm glad you liked it anyway. Ah, that would explain why I felt like your birthday just crept up on me.

That's a good idea, I'll definitely try a redraw one day and post it when you least expect it :D
PikachuJenn Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday!
Birthday cake  icon 
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